The death marches of the Dachau concentration camp as reflected in the reports of survivors

Death Marches
Death March Landsberg a.L. April 1945. Source: StadtA Landsberg a.L.

Only a few of the some 25,000 prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp forced onto the death marches found the strength after 1945 to write down their experiences. The Memorial Site archive preserves their accounts of hunger, senseless exertions, dangerous air strikes, and brutal murders in the final hours before liberation. The solidarity amongst the prisoners was put to the test, while for the first time the civilian population was confronted with the horrors of the camp system.

The International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen takes up the theme of the “death marches” in its first scholarly yearbook, to which the archivist of the Memorial Site, Albert Knoll, has contributed an essay.