Media stations on the former subcamps and external work details of Dachau concentration camp

Kartenausschnitt Außenlager

The project, sponsored by BMW AG, plans to provide future visitors with basic information on all 140 former subcamps and external work details of Dachau concentration camp on large, interactive displays in the Memorial Site and digitally on the website. The information provided will include how long the camps were in existence, the number of inmates and the composition of the inmate community (nationalities, reasons for persecution, etc.), the distance from the main camp, forced labor and accommodations, the role of the perpetrators and the general population, mortality figures, the disbanding of the camps or the liberation of the inmates, and the topic of legal prosecution. Whenever the sources allow, more detailed information and exhibits will be shown along with the basic information. In this way, small digital exhibitions can be set up, concerning the large subcamps in particular. The media stations are intended to be used for educational purposes as well.

Part of the overall project is being financed by the city of Munich. These media stations are intended to provide information on the current situation at the locations of the former subcamps. Are the subcamps still identifiable today, or have they been entirely built over? Are there commemorative plaques or exhibitions recalling the history of these places? Up-to-date photos of the former subcamps’ locations will give visitors an idea of the situation today. This will enable future visitors of the main exhibition and users of the website to get an impression of the commemorative culture in Bavaria and beyond.

The large-scale project will be presented to the public in late 2018 at the earliest. Its content is intended to be constantly updated.

Photo: © Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte