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The literary estate of Stanislav Zámečník

On March 20, 2013 the Memorial Site received the literary estate of the Dachau survivor, historian, and important contemporary witness, Stanislav Zámečník.

Detailed to the prisoner sick bay as an orderly Zámečník fought to save ill prisoners from 1941 onwards, witnessing there the medical experiments conducted as well as the resistance groups, their clandestine activities usually out of view of the other prisoners. After 1945     Zámečník was tireless in his efforts to research the history of the Dachau concentration camp, despite the host of restrictions and occupational bans imposed by the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia. The result of this research was the standard work That was Dachau. He also contributed his extensive knowledge to the redevelopment of the permanent exhibition in the museum. His widow, Mrs. Bernatova, has presented the Memorial Site with his literary estate, filling three crates. These contain numerous research notes, photos and letters which Zámečník wrote during his imprisonment as well as those he received from his family. This private correspondence will undoubtedly become a key element in reconstructing Zámečník’s biography.