Book presentation by Kerstin Schwenke on “Remembrance Culture in Dachau”

Bookcover Schwenke

Due to the overwhelming interest, more chairs had to be fetched in the Church of Reconciliation on December 1, 2011 as Kerstin Schwenke presented her book Erinnerungskultur in Dachau – Der Umgang mit den Massengräbern am Leitenberg und dem ehemaligen Schießplatz bei Hebertshausen nach 1945.

The study by the historian and staff member of the Dachau Memorial Site is published in the “Dachauer Diskurse” series, edited by Dr. Bernhard Schoßig and Dr. Robert Sigel. It was thus fitting that Dr. Schoßig gave a brief introduction to open the presentation after the gathered visitors had been welcomed by Klaus Schultz, deacon of the Church of Reconciliation.

Dr. Gabriele Hammermann, director of the Memorial Site, emphasized just how important this study by Kerstin Schwenke is, for the mass graves on the Leitenberg and the shooting range near Hebertshausen have hitherto been neglected in contemporary research.