3. Film screening as part of the series “Das wirst du nie verstehen”

The film Das wirst du nie verstehen (2003) was screened at the Munich Film Museum on Sunday, November 25, 2012.

In her film Anja Salomonowitz portrays three women from her family who were key figures in her upbringing. During the Nazi era all three were still girls; today, they tell of these times in very diverging ways, members of different memory collectives. Hanka Jassy, her grand aunt, survived Auschwitz. Gertrude Rogenhofer, her nanny, was a socialist and supported her uncle in the resistance. Margit Kohlhauser, the grandmother, lived in Graz during the war. There she did what the majority did: nothing.

The film takes up the family narratives, explores the repercussions of history and the mechanisms of how it is passed on. Anja Salomonowitz confronts herself and her family members with the different memories of all three women.