7th Dachau Contemporary Witness Discussion with Izhak Akermann

Ehemaliger Kräutergarten

On June 20 before an interested audience Izhak Akermann told the story of his persecuted past, an account that lasted almost two hours.

Izhak Akermann was born at the end of 1927 in Danzig to Polish-Jewish parents. Sent to the Radom ghetto shortly after the outbreak of the war, in 1942 a large part of Akermann’s family is deported to the Treblinka extermination camp. Izhak remains in the Radom labor camp until 1944. He is then deported by the SS to the subcamps Vaihingen and Unterriexingen. At the beginning of April 1945 he reaches the Dachau concentration camp after days of marching, exhausted and severely ill. During the liberation of the Dachau camp a few weeks later he was forced to stay in the barracks, simply too weak to get up. He spends the next 18 months in various clinics before immigrating to Palestine. Today he lives with his family in Israel.