Book Presentation: Sowjetische Kriegsgefangene im Deutschen Reich 1941/42

Buchvorstellung Dr.Rolf Keller

A very interesting evening focusing on the theme of Soviet prisoners of war took place on June 19 at the Dachau Memorial Site.

Dr. Rolf Keller gave a lecture on the theme of his book, Soviet prisoner of wars in the German Reich 1941/42. Illustrated with photos and drawing on reports from former prisoners, members of the German Army, and contemporary witnesses, he explained that the German Army transported some half a million Soviet prisoners in the first months of the ‘war of extermination’ against the Soviet Union, sending them to special ‘Russian camps’. From there the Army handed over more than 40,000 Soviet prisoners to the SS until mid-1942, acting in defiance of valid international law, who then murdered them in concentration camps. In 1941-42 over 4000 Soviet prisoners were deported to the Dachau concentration camp and executed. Up until the end of the war at least 2.6 million Soviet prisoners of war lost their lives while in German captivity as a result of poor provisions, brutal treatment, hard labor, and organized murder actions.