Start of the film series “Das wirst du nie verstehen”

The film series “Das wirst du nie verstehen” was launched on Sunday, September 23. In cooperation with the Film Museum Munich and the Max Mannheimer Study Center, the documentary Was bleibt from 2008 was screened.

The documentary Was bleibt from 2008 explores family entanglements in the Holocaust, from both the victim and perpetuator sides. It features two families who couldn’t be more different. Together with her mother the teenager Erna de Vries is deported to Auschwitz. Before being transferred to Ravensbrück she sees her mother for the last time and promises not to remain silent about the horrors they went through. She has been keeping her promise down to the present day, and her daughter and granddaughter also see it as a family mission to carry forward the story.

Dietlinde learns that she is not growing up with her mother but her aunty. Trying to find out more, it emerges that her mother was a concentration camp guard. Till this day she wants to find out more about her mother, while her own daughter can’t really understand or support this wish.

After the film an interesting and lively discussion took place between the large audience and the two filmmakers Gesa Knolle and Birthe Templin.