Training Course 2011/2012

The Dachauer Forum e.V., the Association for International Youth Exchange and Memorial Work in Dachau e.V., the Max Mannheimer Studienzentrum and the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site offer an annual training course, whose successful completion allows participants to work as one of our freelance guides. The training course lasts for approx. one year and ends with an exam. It covers the basic information about the concentration camp, the historical context and methods and techniques needed for guiding a group of visitors.

Please note that the course will be held in German (even for those guides that will offer tours in other languages) and that at least a basic knowledge of German is required to be able to participate.

The next course will not start before 2015. If you want to particpate in the next course, please send an e-mail to We will then put you on the list of interested candidates and get into contact with you before the next course starts.