Audio guide in Turkish

In 2016 around 180,000 audio guide devices were loaned out. The demand for English, French, Italian, and Spanish is especially high. However, the use of audioguides in Mandarin, Portuguese, and Hungarian is also increasing.

The audioguides provide an overview of the history of the place and the topics of rights deprivation and persecution. To this end, reports of prisoners of various nationalities are given priority in order to be able to approach the history of the camp and the everyday life of the inmates from a variety of perspectives.

The audio guides can be borrowed from the Visitor’s Center of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. At present, the following languages are available: Arabian, German, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Hungarian.


You will find more detailed information on borrowing and reserving the audio guides at or directly at