Digital Tours and Programs

In order to provide the opportunity to gain an online insight into the history of the Dachau concentration camp and the work of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, we offer a variety of digital tours and programs.



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Online Guided Tours

You can visit the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site online either by booking your private guided tour/seminar or by taking part in our themed guided tours on Facebook:


Online guided tours or seminars for groups

The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site offers schools and private groups several options for virtual guided tours of the site of the ex-concentration camp. You can book a 90-minute-long guided tour with one of our guides. You will be connected online with your guide, who will be showing you the Memorial Site and providing you with the relevant information. Participants will be able to communicate directly with the guide from their laptop/mobile phone.

Online seminars are also available: they include a preparation exercise before the online guided tour and an open discussion at the end. The minimum age to take part in any pedagogical activity organized by the Memorial Site is 13. Please send us an email to book an online tour or seminar with us.


Live Online Guided Tours on Facebook

Our guides explore different aspects of the history of the concentration camp during online guided tours lasting 90 minutes. Participants can join live throughout the tour. We look forward to feedback and questions, which will be answered directly by our guides.

Every week on Tuesday at 4 pm (UTC + 1) we have an online guided tour which is streamed on our Facebook page.

The online guided tour is then stored on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel and can be accessed free of charge at any time. Any voluntary donation to support our efforts is very much appreciated.


Voice Trails of Dachau

With our “Voice Trails of Dachau” series we want to give you the opportunity to gain insight into the memorial. With a weekly turnover you can find audio recordings regarding different aspects of the history of the Dachau concentration camp and of the Memorial Site, e.g. biographical accounts of individual prisoners, but also regarding specific objects, buildings and spaces of the concentration camp and of the Memorial Site.

All the audio recordings are listed under “Voice Trails of Dachau


Curators’ Virtual Presentation of the Temporary Exhibition “Traces of the Past”

The temporary exhibition “Traces of the Past. The Allach Subcamp Complex” was inaugurated online on the 8th of May 2020. On our webpage you will find the welcome message of the organiser of the exhibition, as well as video messages by Nick Hope, a survivor of the Allach subcamp complex, and by Dan Dougherty, one of the liberators of the subcamps. The curators offer an insight into the exhibition with three virtual tours. The recording of an online guided tour with two of the curators is also available on our YouTube channel.


“The Liberation” – Virtual Guided Tour Augmented-Reality-App and Podcast

What did the American soldiers see when they liberated the concentration camp of Dachau? How did the prisoners experience the liberation? Over 75 years after this historical event, the project “The Liberation” offers the opportunity to answer these questions with the support of augmented reality. “The Liberation” consists of a virtual guide tour, the Augmented-Reality-App “The Liberation AR” and a podcast.

The special feature of the virtual tour is that historical photographs or recordings of first-hand impressions are presented in the corresponding location of the present Memorial Site. The matching of original photos of the liberation together with images of the present-day location is supported by the audio recordings in which survivors, liberators and journalists can portray the liberation from different perspectives. Here the Memorial Site offers a sort of backdrop for the audio-visual presentation of this unique event, definitely giving an increased reality effect. For further information click here.


New Learning Opportunities on our Website

Our website provides several further opportunities to learn more about the history of the concentration camp. As well as virtual tours, a topographical overview, information on the history of the concentration camp, you can also find video interviews with survivors under the caption “History online”.