The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site wishes to be accessible for everyone and do what it can to remove all barriers. Unfortunately, this is not possible at present in all areas. Action has already been undertaken in the following areas:

The bus stop for the Dachau Memorial Site is barrier-free.

The outdoor grounds of the Dachau Memorial Site are difficult to access because they are graveled. To improve accessibility wheelchairs and e-mobile scooters are available for use by visitors.

The entrances to the following buildings are fitted with ramps to provide access:

  • Former maintenance building (main exhibition)
  • Reconstructed barrack (exhibition
  • Former crematorium
  • Former camp prison (exhibition)
  • Seminar rooms
  • Church of Reconciliation

The interiors of the buildings at the Dachau Memorial Site have been leveled to improve accessibility.

There are disabled-accessible WCs in the Visitors’ Center, in the main exhibition in the former maintenance building, and in close vicinity to the seminar rooms.