Guidelines for Visitors

Welcome to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site! Today’s memorial is a commemorative site to remember the people who suffered in Dachau concentration camp and the 41,500 prisoners who died there. It has the character of a cemetery, a place of sorrow and remembrance. Please support us in our efforts to protect the site by observing a few rules of conduct:

  • Teachers, group leaders, parents and guardians are responsible to ensure an appropriate behavior on the part of younger visitors.
  • Only tour guides licensed by the memorial’s education department are authorized to provide information services in the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial.
  • We advise that children under the age of 12 do not visit the museum exhibitions, memorial site grounds or the former crematorium as some of the display material could disturb them.
  • Please respect the dignity of the site by wearing appropriate attire.
  • Please do not touch the camp relics or exhibition objects. They are of irreplaceable value. Visitors are liable for any damage they cause.
  • Due to laws relating to the preservation of historical sites, some buildings and parts of the grounds are inaccessible to wheelchair users. We apologise for the inconvenience and ask you to contact our staff at the Visitors’ Center or within the museum exhibition area if you require assistance.

It is not permitted

  • to disturb the peace of the dead in any way.
  • to wear any article of clothing or symbols, whose manufacturing or sale is generally associated with right-wing extremist groups.
  • to violate in any way the human dignity of others because of their origins, skin color or religion.
  • to leave luggage unattended.
  • on the former camp grounds:
    • to smoke, eat or to consume alcoholic beverages
    • to bring any vehicles
    • to carry and display flags or banners
    • to use media devices with loudspeakers
  • to reproduce the literal content of guided tours, whether in full or in part. This includes recording, filming and reproduction in print form as well as within digital media (Internet, social media).


Please note that dogs are not permitted anywhere on the grounds of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. This does not apply to guide dogs and assistance dogs with suitable marking.

Permitted only with advance approval by the memorial management

  • The manufacture in any form of commercial film and audio recordings
  • Distribution of printed material of any kind
  • Surveys of visitors or staff
  • To carry and hang posters or banners
  • Events, private memorial services, demonstrations
  • Musical or artistic performances

Right to refuse admission

Dachau Memorial reserves the right to deny admission to persons, political parties or organisations which have made, or are making, statements which are anti-democratic, racist, anti-Semitic or otherwise contrary to the purpose of the Bavarian Memorial Foundation. This includes the right to refuse admission to attend events organised by Dachau Memorial. This also applies to events and educational offerings in the digital space for which the Memorial is responsible.

The staff members have been instructed to enforce these basic rules regarding visits to the memorial site. They are authorized to issue orders of conduct. Anyone who disregards them can be expelled from the premises.

We appreciate your cooperation!
Memorial Management