New staff at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

Maximilian LütgensMaximilian Lütgens has been standing in for Rebecca Ribarek as educational assistant in the Education Department of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site since March 1, 2017. Before this, he majored in History and Gender Studies at the University of Konstanz and worked at the Discovery Channel TV station in Munich. In the Education Department, he will primarily be working on the new booking database and the educational program for 2018.


Jascha März

Jascha März majored in ancient, medieval, and modern history and classical archaeology at the University of Bonn. From 2009 to 2016 he was employed on a fee basis at the NS-Documentation Center of the City of Cologne, starting work on his doctorate while there in 2013. He successfully defended his doctoral thesis on associations of victims who suffered under Nazi political persecution. Since December 2016 he has been a volunteer trainee at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, doing research on the subcamps and external work details of the former Dachau concentration camp.


Franziska MüllerFranziska Müller is nineteen years old and has been doing a voluntary year of social service at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site since September 2016. Apart from generally assisting on projects and other work at the Memorial Site, she organized an Guide excursion to Mühldorf. For her social service project, she designed her own tour on the topic of “Children and Young People at Dachau Concentration Camp”, which was held as part of the educational program on July 8, 2017. She tells more about this project and her work at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site in the blog of the Sarah und Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Center:


Michael Störk

Michael Störk studied political science and history, as well as Eastern European studies with a focus on history and Jewish culture and history in Freiburg, Cracow, and Munich. He gained his first experience doing educational and memorial work during a voluntary year of social service at the International Youth Meeting Center in Auschwitz and an internship at the Jewish Galicia Museum in Cracow. He has been working as a volunteer trainee in the Education Department since December 2016, concerned primarily with implementing the topic of “perpetration” in the pedagogical work of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.


Tim Todorenczuk decided to do his voluntary year of social service at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site because he wanted to learn about the many and varied aspects of memorial work. He regularly accompanies Dachau survivor Abba Naor to contemporary witness talks at various schools, but is also gaining experience in different departments of the Memorial Site. Something he finds particularly interesting is the contact with international visitors when he is helping with visitor information duties.

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