Renovations to the archive, library and administrative offices

In March 2012 the renovated and redesigned rooms located in the eastern wing of the concentration camp’s former maintenance building were once again ready. Except for minor alterations, this section had hardly changed since 1965. Renovations were thus urgently needed. The goal of the building measures, carried out by Florian Nagler Architekten GmbH and the Freising building authority, was to reveal the original spatial structure and secure historical relics. The archive and library were climatized and given a space-saving compact system. Taking into account the authentic building structure, climatized archive boxes were installed in a depot, enabling historical documents and three-dimensional artifacts to be appropriately stored. New workstations were created for the educational and research staff on the first floor. With the completion of this work the archive, library and administration of the Memorial Site are now in a better position to cope with the increasing number of visitors.