New tour brochure

Titel der Rundgangsbroschüre

The tour brochure will briefly present the current state of research on the history of Dachau concentration camp and its subsequent history from 1945 to the present, illustrated by many current and historical photographs, as well as drawings and reports by survivors. Using the general maps, visitors will be able to discover the relics of Dachau concentration camp and places of remembrance on their own; aerial photographs will illustrate the relationship between the grounds of the concentration camp and today’s memorial site. The tour brochure will thereby not only provide visitors with a goal-oriented structure for their exploration of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, but also with an ideal means of preparing for their visit and evaluating it afterwards.

The 88-page publication will be available from international bookshops in print for eight euros and as an e-book for seven euros. An English version of the tour brochure will be released in the autumn of 2017.