Guided Tours (for Individual Visitors)

Please note: All of the programs offered by the Education Department are for visitors over the age of 14.

These tours are aimed at individual visitors and consist of a guided tour through the grounds of the former camp, the historical buildings, and parts of the permanent exhibition. The goal is to provide a basic knowledge of the history of the Dachau Concentration Camp and the memorial site, as well as to examine the question "What does this history have to do with us today?"

Start of the guided tours for individual visitors
Daily 11 am and 1 pm
Additionally Saturday and Sunday
from July 1st to October 1st 12:15 pm
Daily 12 midday
Saturday and Sunday from
July to September and December 11:30 am (until Dec. 23)
From July, 9 to October, 6 on these dates

Tickets: 3,50 €
Length: 2 1/2 hours

Tickets for the guided tour are available at the information desk of the visitors' center. It should be noted that space is limited to 30 people. Please buy your tickets at least 15 minutes in advance. It's not possible to make a reservation. You will be informed of the meeting point for the tour when you purchase your ticket.

Please be aware that groups should book their tour in advance.