Contemporary Witness Talk with Marko Feingold

75th Anniversary of the November Pogroms

Contemporary Witness Talk with Marko Feingold

On Thursday, November 14,
2013, Marko Feingold will take part in a contemporary witness talk and tell
about his persecution at the hands of the Nazis.

Marko Feingold

Marko Feingold; © Michael M.Vogl

Marko M. Feingold is born on
May 28, 1913 in Neusohl in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Feingold is living in
Vienna as the German Reich occupies and annexes Austria on March 13, 1938. He
lives in Warsaw through the November pogroms known as the

On May 6, 1939, together with
his brother, he is arrested, imprisoned, and ultimately deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Classified as political
Jewish prisoners, the brothers are assigned to a penal detail and sent to the
Neuengamme concentration camp. Here they were parted: on May 30, 1941 Marko
Feingold is moved to the Dachau
concentration camp. For a short time he is able to evade some of the harassment
meted out by working as an interpreter for the barracks elder before being
commandeered to perform extremely hard work at the “plantation”.

Plagued by infections and phlegmon
he is eventually sent to the Buchenwald
concentration camp. After liberation he settles in Salzburg and opens a fashion shop. He has
acted as the chairman of the Israelite Community in Salzburg since 1979. Marko Feingold is
actively engaged in ensuring that the victims of National Socialism are not
forgotten in Austria.

The event begins at 7 pm and will be held in the
Visitor’s Center at the Dachau Memorial Site, Pater-Roth-Str. 2a; admission is free