Learning – Remembrance – Meeting

Learning – Remembrance – Meeting

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principle of the Education Department at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

The Education Department
explains its self-concept and the overriding goals of its educational work in
this brochure. The cornerstone of the educational work done at Dachau
Concentration Camp Memorial Site is the historical site itself – a place with a
variety of different functions aimed at promoting learning and contemplation,
remembrance and commemoration, as well as international engagement. Conveying
what the victims experienced is essential to the site’s daily educational work.
Since the Education Department considers itself to be a creative workshop, it
would like to enable the younger generation, in particular, to develop its own
forms for the expression of remembrance and commemoration. As a place of international
engagement, Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, along with its educational
work, stands for tolerance and open-mindedness. As a political site, it
reflects the development of German society and the sometimes vehement
controversies on how to deal with the past. In the future, too, it would like
to continue to serve as a place that stimulates reflection and critical

Download the brochure in English (pdf file, 745 kB)