New at the Memorial Site – Newsletter 1 – 2011

New at the Memorial Site

tl_files/images/gedenkstaette/Mitarbeiter/Kay Kufeke 2.jpg Dr. Kay Kufeke has assumed the post of head of the
Research Department in April 2011. Having graduated with a PhD in history, he
was most recently involved in the new permanent exhibition of the Topography of
Terror Documentation Center in Berlin.
tl_files/images/gedenkstaette/Mitarbeiter/Aline Sierp.jpg Dr. Aline Sierp has joined our Education Department
and assumes responsibility for training foreign-language guides and
contributors as well as extending our international contacts. She studied
political science and history in the UK, France, and Italy before completing
her dissertation on the Politics of Memory and Identity in Western Europe.
tl_files/images/gedenkstaette/Mitarbeiter/Anja Fritz 001.jpg Anja Fritz has joined the Dachau Memorial Site as
librarian and supervisor of the museum collection. She is a graduate
museologist and until recently was active at the Flossenbürg Memorial Site as
head of archives and exhibition conception.