New at the Memorial Site – Newsletter 4 – 2012

New at the Memorial Site

We are very pleased to be able to warmly welcome four
new staff members to the Memorial Site. Dr. Andrea Riedle will take over
responsibility for the Research Department in December 2012. Laurie
Slegtenhorst and Nils Greiten have joined the team in the Education Department.
Lukas Schretter is a new research trainee.

Dr. Andrea Riedle studied Modern History and Political
Science at Tübingen University as well as the latter and European Studies in
Exeter, UK. She has worked as a researcher at various memorial sites as well as
the Standing Conference of Directors of Memorial Sites in the Berlin region. In
2011 she published her dissertation on the staff of the commandant’s office at
Sachsenhausen concentration camp (Der
Kommandanturstab im KZ Sachsenhausen.
Sozialstruktur, Karrierewege
und biografische Studien

Slegtenhorst, 25, studied History and Education in Amsterdam. She also worked in the Resistance Museum and the Anne
Frank House there. She spent the year 2010 as a volunteer of the “Action
Reconciliation” at the Buchenwald Memorial Site. Her main task in the Education
Department here at the Dachau Memorial Site will be to supervise and work with
foreign tour guides and foster international contacts.

Nils Greiten, born in 1975, has worked as education
researcher and historian in the field of civic education for youths and adults,
including the Trutzhain Memorial Site. He will be primarily concerned with
elaborating concepts for seminars and educational materials.

Lukas Schretter, born 1986 in Tyrol, studied
European Ethnology in Vienna and Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam.
He spent his Memorial Service term at the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for
Visual History and Education in Los Angeles. His traineeship will focus on
activities in the Research Department