A look into … the archive – Newsletter 4 – 2012

A look into … the archive
The commandant’s villa after 1945.

Together with his family, Benjamin Weisberg lived in the villa once reserved for the commandants of the Dachau concentration camp from 1947 to 1950. During this period Lieutenant Weisberg was the chief commander of the forces stationed here. His daughter, Courtnay Johnson, has provided the Memorial Site with valuable information concerning the US administration in Dachau. She made available her father’s photo album to the Memorial Site, which contained detailed material spanning the landing in the Normandy to the family’s return to the Unites States as well as drawings of the building demolished in 1987. The originals are now once again in the United States. The reproductions made for the Memorial Site’s archive will be a considerable aid to continuing research on the commandant villa.