Contemporary witness discussion with Abba Naor

Contemporary witness discussion with Abba Naor

Abba Naor

Abba Naor was this year’s
contemporary witness invited to the discussion round held on January 27, 2012
to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Dachau’s Ludwig-Thoma-Haus. The hall was
filled to capacity as Dr. Gabriele Hammermann, director of the Dachau
Concentration Camp Memorial Site, asked Abba Naor about his life.

Born in Kaunas
in 1928, Naor experienced the persecution of Lithuanian Jews and was detained
in the Stutthof concentration camp in 1944, before being transferred to the
camps Utting and Kaufering I, both of which were amongst the largest subcamp
complexes of the main Dachau
camp. He survived the death march of the prisoners from Kaufering at the end of
1945, liberated by American troops. Abba Naor, who today lives in Israel, comes to Germany every year to relate his
personal memories about the Nazi period as a contemporary witness.

The annual contemporary witness
discussion is organized by the “Runder Tisch für Zeitgeschichte”.