Online Live Tour

Propaganda and the concentration camp

 |  09.06.2020  | 16:00—17:00

The horrors of the Nazi concentration camps are now well known worldwide. Yet the concentration camps had started their brutal operation well before the WW2. The Dachau concentration camp, set up just a few months after the takeover of power, will be the starting point of increased violence and crime. How much did the outside world know at the time? In this online guided tour, we will look at a few locations of the Memorial and try and answer this question with the aid of original documents and photographs.

Online guided tours on Facebook:

Although the museum will be closed until further notice the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site is offering a special view on the area of the former Concentration Camp. Our online guided tours on facebook take you on a 45 minutes journey and discuss different topics of the history of the camp and the Memorial Site. We try to answer questions live during the tour on our facebook site, where the stream starts at 4 p.m.