Biography: Alexander Piorkowski

Alexander Bernhard Hans Piorkowski was born on October 11, 1904 in Bremen. After training to become a mechanic, he worked as a traveling salesman. Piorkowski joined the SA and the Nazi Party in 1929, the SS in 1933. In February 1938 he took over as leader of the protective custody camp at Lichtenburg, from August 1938 he had the same function in Dachau. Piorkowski served as Dachau camp commandant from February 1940 until September 1942. Chronically ill, he was rarely in the camp. In August 1943 he was dismissed from the SS because of corruption claims.

In January 1947 Piorkowski was put on trial before the U.S. military court for the crimes committed in the Dachau concentration camp during his term as commandant. Piorkowski was sentenced to death and hung on October 22, 1948 in Landsberg/Lech.

Alexander Piorkowski in custody, Bergen-Belsen, May 16, 1945 - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D.C.