Biography: Hanscarl von Posern

Hanscarl von Posern was born on August 4, 1900 in Dresden. He studied law and worked as a lawyer. After joining the Nazi Party in 1930, he left the year after. Suspected of high treason, he was arrested for the first time in 1937; Posern was then sent to the Mauthausen concentration camp in 1941. There he was camp clerk and kapo at the St Valentin subcamp.

During the Dachau Trials Posern acted as defense counsel for accused members of the SS, foremost in the Dachau Main Trial. In November 1947 Posern himself stood accused in a subsequent proceeding to the Mauthausen Main Trial and sentenced to life in prison.

Posern as defender during the Dachau Main Trial (right), 1945 - Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum, Atlanta, Georgia