Bisherige Veranstaltungen

Commemoration Ceremony

78th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau concentration camp

 |  30.04.2023  | 09:30—16:00

Together with the Bavarian Memorial Foundation and the Comité International de Dachau, we invite you to the commemoration of the 78th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau c  [more]


Education and Memory in Times of a Global Crises IV

 |  06.10.2022  | 15:00—17:30

In this edition of our workshop series “Education and Memory in Times of a Global Crisis” we will take a first look at the transitional period between lockdown and re-opening.  [more]

El campo de concentración de Dachau (1933-1945). Una introducción a su historia. [Das Konzentrationslager Dachau (1933-1945). Einführung zur Geschichte eines KZs]

 |  21.06.2022  | 17:00—17:45

Dieser Live-Rundgang bietet eine Einführung zur Geschichte des KZ Dachau auf Spanisch.   [more]

Panel discussion

A multigenerational conversation

 |  29.04.2022  | 19:00—20:30

A multigenerational conversation with Virginia Laurence and Annemarie Wadlow, daughter and granddaughter of the late Dachau survivor Alfred Edward Laurence  [more]

Digital Live Tour

The liberation of Dachau concentration camp

 |  29.04.2022  | 16:00—17:00

The tour deals with the liberation, but also with the situation in the days after, from the perspective of the liberators but also of survivors.  [more]


Education and memory in times of a global crisis III. Presentation of memorial sites and current education projects from Bangladesh to Poland

 |  16.12.2021  | 15:00—17:30

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt in cultural institutions all around the world. This will be discussed in this workshop.  [more]

Digitaler Live-Rundgang

English Live-Tour: Jehovah’s Witnesses at KZ Dachau

 |  27.07.2021  | 16:00—17:00

About 600 Jehovah Witnesses were imprisoned at the Dachau concentration camp, over 100 of them died here.   [more]


Livestream: Central Commemorative Event

 |  02.05.2021  | 10:30—12:00

A central commemorative event will be held in remembrance of the victims of the Dachau concentration camp and the liberation of survivors by the US Army on April 29, 1945.  [more]


Livestream: Memory and Family Remembrance: The Family of Max Mannheimer

 |  01.05.2021  | 09:45—12:00

Eva and Judith Faessler, daughter and granddaughter of Dachau survivor Max Mannheimer, talk to Albert Knoll, Director Staff Unit of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.  [more]

Digitaler Live-Rundgang

English Prisoners in the Concentration Camp

 |  24.11.2020  | 16:00—17:00

A small number of the prisoners of the Concentration Camp Dachau was from the UK and one from Ireland. Who were they?  [more]