Exhibition in the former camp prison

Historical site For the prisoners, the camp prison was one of the main places of terror; here the SS carried out brutal and severe punishment measures. Officially it was known as the “garrison detention block”; the prisoners called it the “bunker”. Some areas of the building were used to keep special prisoners and serve as a penal camp for condemned SS men, police officers, and members of the anti-air raid defenses. The current exhibition Today the building houses a permanent exhibition on the history of the former camp prison. Information on the history of the building and its function, the prisoners held there and the responsible perpetrators is presented in the duty rooms in the middle of the building and selected cells. Some of the cells are dedicated to Georg Elser, who failed in an attempt to assassinate Hitler, and members of the clergy held as special prisoners. The installed exhibition elements show a range of photos, drawings, documents, quotes, and audio material. One original object exhibited is a suitcase that the clergy held as special prisoners used as an altar.