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19 Jewish memorial

On May 7 1967, the regional association of the Israelite Communities in Bavaria unveiled a Jewish memorial. Designed by Zvi Guttmann, the parabola-shaped structure features a ramp that leads downward, reminding visitors of the extermination of European Jews. At its lowest point, light shines into the memorial through an opening.

A menorah – a seven-branched candelabrum – made of marble from Peki’in is positioned on the top of the structure. The town of Peki’in in Israel symbolizes the continuity of Jewish life.

Located to the right of the Mortal Agony of Christ Chapel is the Jewish memorial. Through a ramp-like entrance visitors reach a sunken room, designed to recall hiding in underground basements. Above this entrance a slanted roof protrudes upward, which with its vaulted rear wall forms the visible section of the memorial above the ground. A menorah is positioned on the top of the roof.

Jewish memorial, 2017 (Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site)