Dear Readers,

In our current newsletter, we would like to make you aware of our projects and events, as well as extensive construction work. The new visitor parking area is another of the projects aiming to redesign Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. The former parking area was far too small to accommodate the growing number of visitors, so it is being considerably enlarged and provided with a building housing public toilet facilities. Traffic conditions will be significantly improved by moving the access road to the north and creating a new turning lane on the Alte Römerstraße. If you would like to visit Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, please note that the extensive construction work may entail some restrictions and limitations. We therefore recommend that you take public transport to get here. We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you and point out that you can expect a more up-to-date reception at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site in 2020.

I would also like to draw your attention to the following projects Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site has initiated or in which we are taking part. In the project on the “Visual History of the Holocaust: Rethinking Curation in the Digital Age”, Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site is part of a consortium of 13 Austrian, German, Israeli and French research facilities, museums, memorial sites and technology developers working with American partners to develop exemplary concepts and applications for digital curating. Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site is one of the organizers of the 13th European Summer University in Ravensbrück on the topic of “Hunger, Forced Labor, Nutritional Research. National Socialist agricultural policy and the concentration camp system”. A collaboration on the topic of the “Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Ernährung und Verpflegung GmbH” (DVA)(German Research Institute for Nutrition and Provisions) is intended to start in the autumn. With Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial Site as coordinator, the memorial sites in Auschwitz, Dachau and Flossenbürg are currently attempting to reconstruct the transports of Polish prisoners. At the same time, a calendar of the relocations is being compiled. The Memorial Site is further continuing its research project on discovering the fates of the Soviet prisoners of war murdered at the SS shooting range in Hebertshausen.

Another important concern of the staff is to continue removing structural barriers to access by disabled persons at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, as well as in the educational programs. We are pleased that further action in this regard is being initiated or completed with an app featuring a tour of the Memorial Site grounds in sign language, a tour brochure in simple language and a planned project to build a scale model in front of the Visitor Center for both sighted and visually impaired persons.

Finally, I would like to you to know that your data are protected by Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, something we have long taken seriously, and not only since the adoption of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. When you subscribe to the newsletter, we collect the following data: your e-mail address, the time of your subscription and your IP address. We assure you that we will use these data exclusively for the purpose of sending you the newsletter. Your data will be treated with all due care and not passed on to third parties.

If you would like to stop receiving newsletters in the future, please send us a brief notification to Your data will then be immediately erased from the mailing list.

In the name of the entire team at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, I would like to give your our fond regards and wish you interesting and stimulating reading,

Dr. Gabriele Hammermann

Coming dates

13th European Summer University in Ravensbrück

Internationally renowned scholars will meet with students, multipliers and interested citizens at the Ravensbrück Memorial. Introductory lectures on the following main topics will be held in the mornings: 1) Nazi agriculture in the context more

“Dachau Dialogs” on September 23, 2018

Movie screening and discussion on the second anniversary of the death of Max Mannheimer Sunday, September 23, 2018, 11:30 am Cinema Dachau Fraunhoferstraße 5 Screening Dachau Dialogs (D 2017, 73 min.) more

Thematic tours and excursions – Newsletter 9 – 2018

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New special exhibition – “Names, not Numbers – Dutch political prisoners in Dachau concentration camp”

On April 27, 2018, the new special exhibition “Names, not Numbers – Dutch political prisoners in Dachau concentration camp” opened in the special exhibition room of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. Dr. Gabriele Hammermann, Director of Dac more

New booking system

The booking department at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site has been working with a new booking system since June 2018. This is intended to simplify the organization of booking inquiries, tours and seminars for groups. In this way, the up t more

Feasibility study – Documentation site on the former complex of subcamps in Allach

Subsequent use of the camp After the U.S. Army liberated the camp, the former subcamp continued to be put to a variety of uses. First, the American administration settled displaced persons there, including former concentration camp inmat more

New seminars for groups

New half-day seminar: tour including a discussion with a contemporary witness Starting in the autumn of 2018, groups will be able to book the half-day seminar “discussion with a contemporary witness”. A guided tour of the Dachau Concentr more

New staff at the Dachau Memorial Site 2018

Bernhard Krause has been working as technical director at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site since December 2017. Previously, he worked in the IT sector for more than 25 years, most of them as IT department head in a large c more


Model for sighted and visually impaired visitors

Today, the grounds of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site appear to visitors as a largely abstract space whose significance can only be understood by comparing it to historic photos. Therefore, the planned model is intended to consist of two more

Tour Brochure in Simple Language

The texts in the Tour Brochure in Simple Language consist of short sentences and familiar words. The design and illustration is clearly arranged and structured. To enhance legibility, the Tour Brochure in Simple Language will be published in A4 s more

Transports of Polish Prisoners into the Concentration Camp Systems in Dachau and Flossenbürg

First project meeting in the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum The first meeting of all involved in the project was held in the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum from June 13 to 15. Krzysztof Antończyk, Agnieszka Kita, Ewa Bazan and Krystyna more

Names and Biographies. The mass murder of Soviet prisoners of war in 1941 and 1942

In 1941 and 1942, the camp SS murdered more than 4,000 Soviet prisoners of war on the shooting range set up two kilometers north of the main camp at Dachau in 1937-1938. Special Gestapo details had “weeded out” the victims beforehand from the pri more

Production of a new documentary film for the main exhibition

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site is inviting well-known filmmakers to come up with ideas for a new documentary film on the history of Dachau concentration camp. A panel of experts will advise on the choice of a suitable film concept. The n more

Project during the voluntary social year for culture – A concept for a seminar on the topic of acts and perpetrators at Dachau concentration camp

Since September 2017, I, Matthias Grab, have been serving my voluntary social year for culture at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. I have been undertaking various small and larger projects, one of which is to devise a one-day seminar on t more

Commemoration Days

Gedenktage – Newsletter 9

Willemijn Petroff-van Gurp *November 7, 1918 On November 7, 2018 Willemijn Petroff-van Gurp will celebrate her 100th birthday. She was born in The Hague as one of fifteen children in a family belonging to the strict Reformed Prote more

Literature tips

Literature tips – Newsletter 9

Pilzweger-Steiner, Stefanie / Riedle, Andrea (eds.): Beweise für die Nachwelt / Evidence for Posterity. Die Zeichnungen des Dachau-Überlebenden Georg Tauber / The Drawings of the Dachau Survivor Georg Tauber; Katalog zur Sonderausstellun more