Book presentation Erinnerungsort Flossenbürg. Akteure, Zäsuren, Geschichtsbilder

Dr. Jörg Skriebeleit and Dr. Gabriele Hammermann
Dr. Jörg Skriebeleit, Dr. Gabriele Hammermann

On Wednesday, September 21, 2011, Dr. Jörg Skriebeleit, director of the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial Site, presented his doctoral thesis published in 2009, Erinnerungsort Flossenbürg. Akteure, Zäsuren, Geschichtsbilder. Jörg Skriebeleit explored the question as to why the former concentration camp at Flossenbürg, although it was turned into a memorial site earlier than other locations, was soon to become one of the forgotten camps. He analyzed how Flossenbürg was perceived and received as a place of remembrance and illuminated how the historical site was dealt with. Particular consideration was given to the Flossenbürg local authority, which is gradually taking the view that the former concentration camp is a “location factor” and no longer a stigma.