Nine new audio stations in the museum

Audio Stations

As of December 2011 visitors to the Dachau Memorial Site can take advantage of nine new audio stations in the exhibition. With the aid of interview sequences and quotations from prisoner accounts, these stations enable visitors to find out more about the history of the Dachau concentration camp from the perspective of the inmates. Former prisoners speak about themes such as work and everyday life in the camp, the composition of the prisoner society, about the situation in the subcamps, as well as the period shortly before their liberation. Twenty-three former prisoners can be heard, amongst them Hans Kaltenbacher, Franz Olah, Karel Kašák, Hermann Scheipers, Zygmund Razniewsky, and Ladislaus Ervin-Deutsch. In addition, short biographical information and photographs of the interviewees can be accessed. The audio stations were created in collaboration with the Büro Müller-Rieger (graphics) and P.medien (hard- and software).