2nd Film screening as part of the series “Das wirst du nie verstehen”

The documentary 2 or 3 Things I Know About Him (2005) was screened at the Munich Film Museum on Sunday, October 28 2012.

Hanns Elard Ludin was already a well-known figure in the Weimar Republic, conspiring as young Reichswehr officer with Hitler. After 1933 he quickly rose to the post of SA lieutenant general. At the age of 28 he commanded some 300,000 SA men. In 1942 Ludin was appointed “plenipotentiary Minister of the Greater German Reich” in Slovakia and was a key figure in the deportation of Slovakian Jews. In 1947 he was executed in Czechoslovakia for war crimes.

Malte Ludin, his youngest son, takes the bare facts as the starting point for a painful exploration of his family’s history. His relatives paint a rosy picture of the past, or deny or repress it – 60 years after the end of the war the Nazi era continues to play a controversial role in their lives. The author and director Malte Ludin will be present to take part in a discussion round following the film.